In year 1994 Lao Zoo was established by joint force between Lao People ministry of defense and Mr.Khanchai Kiasrithanakorn, President of SKR INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd

When Lao zoo was officially announced, it was named Vientiane zoological garden, Tulakhom Zoo. Later its open people of Laos PDR and Government has concerned and supported us a development. From Year 2000, we had announced the zoo new name or the current name “LAO ZOO”

Lao Zoo objective is to create an opportunity for people in town and out town to have a chance to meet animals and plants, to support children, student for their interest and study. Let people know how important they are.

Moreover, we support the conservation and the protection of endangered wild fauna and flora, to promote breeding and research of rare wildlife and plants, both those endemic to Lao PDR and elsewhere in the world, and to be the ecological knowledge centre and tourist attraction where people can come to relax and learn more about the animals and plants.

Lao Zoo full of green trees, lively with the fresh air, take care the nature


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