Red-Shanked langur
Scientific name Pygathrix nemaeus 
Order/Family Primates/ Cercopithecidae 

Red-Shanked, Douc langurs are beautiful and endangered colobine monkeys. You can normally see them only in the evergreen forests of Laos PDR, Vietnam and Cambodia. Their extremely unique appearance is their colour on their face, body, legs and that is why they are so-called the beautiful five-colour langur. They look like wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. From their knees to their ankles they sports maroon-red "stockings", and they appears to wear white forearm length gloves. Their faces are gold and framed by a white ruff.

Males of all ages have a white spot on both sides of the corners of the rump patch, and females don't have these. Males have red and white genitals.

This species has three subspecies each having a different color arrangement:

Pygathrix nemaeus nemaeus: This subspecies are found in Laos, north and central Vietnam.
Their legs of this subspecies are maroon from the knee to the ankle, with the thighs, fingers, and toes black. The tail and the genital region of this subspecies are white. The body of this subspecies is gray with agouti hairs of black, white, and gray. The arms have a white coloration from the elbow to the wrist, with the upper portion of the arms being gray. The cheeks have long, white hair, and the two frontal bands over the eyes are dominated by red over black. The area of the face around the eyes is colored reddish yellow.

The perineum of this subspecies is white, and males have a circular white spot found on either side of the white rump patch. The scrotum of the male is white. 

Pygathrix nemaeus nigripes: The hind limbs of this species are black and the forelimbs and the body are gray, except for the fingers. The tail is white. The chest is a lighter gray than the rest of the body. The cheek has short, white hair, and the two frontal bands over the eyes are dominated by black over red. The male has a blue colored scrotum.

Pygathrix nemaeus cinerea: their upper and lower legs of this subspecies are gray agouti with black feet. The chest, perineum, rump patch, and tail are white. The arms are gray with black colored fingers. This subspecies has a neck that is white except for a small band that is orange but mostly black that runs into black shoulders. The cheeks have medium to long and white hairs.

Humans are the major predator of the douc langur. Douc langurs are killed by humans for food and for target practice. In areas of Vietnam that defoliants were used in times of war, the birth rate of this and other animal species has gone down.

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