Common soft-shelled turtles
Scientific name: Amyda cartilaginea
IUCN: Vulnerable (VU)

         Distinguishing features of Amyda cartilaginea are tubercles along the anterior margin of the carapace (behind the neck). For colors, adults may range in color from brown to gray to dark black, sometimes with yellow speckles on the head, limbs and carapace. The plastron is white to gray in color. Juveniles have speckled heads and limbs. Males are generally larger and have longer and thicker tails with the vent near the tip. Its length is up to 83 centimeters. Females mature at 20 months. Clutch Size is approximately 3-4 clutches of 5-30 eggs with incubation around 61-140 days.

         Amyda cartilaginea is wide-ranging from Vietnam westward through Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand to southern Myanmar and southward through Malaysia to Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. It is found in both upland streams and muddy, slow-flowing lowland streams and rivers, and also occurs in ponds, swamps, and oxbow lakes adjacent to large rivers. Its diet is variable and includes insects, crustaceans, fish, vegetation and carrion.



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