Lesser Mouse Deer
Scientific name : Tragulus kanchil
Order/Family : Artiodactyla / Tragulida
IUCN: LC/Least concern

They normally are found in Mature forest. They often resides around rocks, hollow trees, and dense vegetation near water. Active during day and night, this animal is generally solitary, but sometimes associates in pairs. It feeds on leaves, shoots,fungi and fallen fruit. It size is small, 18-22 inches long with a tail length of 2 inches. They do not have antlers or horns. Instead, adult males have elongated, tusk-like upper canines. These canines protrude from the side of the mouth. Females lack these canines. Females are also smaller than the males . The cheekteeth of lesser mouse deer have a crescent pattern formed by the enamel ridges. Mouse deer have no upper incisors. The pelage of mouse deer is brown with an orange tint. The underside is white. There is also a series of white vertical markings on the neck . Malay mouse deer have a triangular head and a round body with elevated rear quarters. The thin legs are about the diameter of a pencil.

The Lesser Oriental Chevrotain is listed as Least Concern because it was historically proven to be widespread and common, and chevrotains remain in large numbers in its specimen-validated range and at least in non-Sundaic areas persist in environments of very heavy forest degradation and fragmentation and hunting. The presumed short generation length of the species, considered to be likely under five years, also influences assessment, in that, for decline criteria to be invoked in Red Listing one would have to assume relatively high rates of decline over a large part of the species range in a relatively short window of time (10-15 years). Thus although there may be/have been drastic (local) reductions, these have probably not been synchronous over a large enough area. Their native countries are Lao PDR., Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam



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