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Gift Shop
is where you can find any gift for friends, relatives or families who have not come and visit Lao Zoo
is in the center of our Zoo, we provide you a delicious local food.
Picnic Area
is the place for you and your family to have a homemade sandwich BBQ or cooking food together
swing, whirligig, Robe Climbing and etc. There are many activities for children to play together.
Service car or Zebra cars
are touring vehicles that will take you go around our zoo. Will stop any animal zones to let you see any animals, any plants and any places. We have them round by round or if you bring friends, you can also arrange a private service.

Zebra car private service : 50,000 kips per round
Zebra car regular service : 5,000 kips per round

For more information please ask staffs or receptionists.


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