June 1, 2012
Children’s Day Celebration in Laos
Guided by the belief that the children of today are the future of tomorrow, the celebration of Children’s Day was instituted and is celebrated every first of June every year. June 1st is also an internationally recognized date for the celebration of this holiday especially for countries where Children’s Day is not an official holiday. Laos also celebrates it on the same day. The people of Laos celebrate Children’s Day to honor the children and the minors. It serves to reflect the great strides Laos has made in terms of protecting the rights of children and prioritizing their happiness. In Laos, non-government organizations for the protection of minors and children usually take part in government’s initiative to protect the minors and children from abuse and help identify the many issues that plagues this endangered population. Leaders from youth groups and school children both from public and private schools may also organize parades in the key cities and streets all around Laos to mark this celebration.

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