14 Oct 2010
1st Southeast Asian Animal Enrichment & Training Workshop

   Mr. Udomphorn Triwong and Mr. Bountome Chanalath, 2 staff of Lao Zoo, had a chance to attend 1st Southeast Asian Animal Enrichment & Training Workshop held by The Singapore Zoo during 4 -7 October 2010.

    Over the course of four days, 30 participants were shown how to keep animals in a captive environment, stimulated. The participants came from 20 organisations in the region, including zoos, rescue centres and wildlife parks.

The workshop had presented an array of topics relating to animal behavioral management with particular emphasis on environmental enrichment, positive reinforcement training techniques and problem-solving processes.

   We do believe that the representatives who complete this workshop will be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills to allow them to apply these animal enrichment and training techniques within our zoo.

    We can found the workshop news in the Straits Times dated on 7 Oct 2010.

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