Opening Hours :

8:00 – 17:00 hours / everyday


  Foreign Visitors
15,000 Lao kip/ person
1 USD / 8,000 Kip
(Rate: 01/02/2012)
  Adult Laos Visitors
10,000 Lao kip/ person
  Youth Laos Visitors (4-8 years old)
5,000 Lao kip/ person
  Government Officers and Students
5,000 Lao kip/ person
  Monks,Priests and Nuns
  3 years old or under
Yearly Activity
Lao New Year : Celebrate Laos New Year on 13 to 16 of April every year with Lao Zoo. Lao Zoo provides a New Year event with all kinds of joy and entertainment for visitors who come during the days. We have lots of activity such as a draw, games and gifts for guest who attend the event.
International Children’s day is the same day as the national planting day which we celebrate on 1st of June, we provide ton of games and fun to support children for them to show their talent, their abilities, their bravery, wisdom, knowledge and unique characters such as singing, dancing, and etc
Cultural and Religious Days, for this event we perform the show for welcome the visitors and invite them to have a picture with our mascot as the souvenirs for their trip to Lao Zoo. Also, with fun and lot of games
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